Meraki have an impressive line-up of network-based security cameras. Since the cameras are managed in the cloud, the deployment, configuration and management of a security camera system is compared with a traditional CCTV system. For those who are considering implementing security cameras for their business it is worthwhile reflecting on the benefits a system such as this could offer over a traditional CCTV system. 

Just some of the benefits offered by the Cisco Meraki security system:

  • Centralised Cloud Management:
    Using the Meraki dashboard it is possible to view feeds, monitor feeds and manage all of the cameras on your network from anywhere in the world.
  • Automatic Network Detection:
    The Meraki dashboard automatically identifies whether or not the computer viewing the feed is on the local network or is a remote device. If the computer is local then the video stream is run via the local network – not the cloud, this, in turn, saves bandwidth. Conversely if remote streaming us required then the video stream is proxied through the cloud which allows it to be viewed anywhere.
  • Sophisticated Access Security:
    The nature of a security system of any kind demands security of the data stored within it. As a result, the Cisco Meraki system ensures the end-to-end encryption of data on each camera when reviewing feeds either whilst on the network or remotely.
  • Limitless Recording
    Video captured by each camera is stored on both on the cloud as well as being cached on each device. Thus, cameras within the network will continue recording even if a network connection fails.
  • Storage on Device
    Each camera currently comes equipped with minimum of 256GB of solid-state storage. All video data is stored in the cloud thus all data that is recorded can be viewed and managed from the Meraki dashboard.
  • 1080p High Definition Video
    High definition video capture is the standard within the Meraki product range. The selection of cameras offered by Meraki capture video data at 1080p resolution. This means that any data captured by the cameras is easy to review and captures a surprising amount of detail.
  • MV Sense
    The MC Sense system offers Advanced Analytics which is built into the processing system which is part of the Meraki Video platform. The system can keep track of motion heat maps as well as person or object detection/tabulation. Each MV Sense license allow for person detection data to be logged by a camera including location, time and count via both RESTful and MQTT-based APIs.
  • Granular Access Control
    Administrators of the Meraki dashboard system are able to easily control exactly what functions which individual users are able to access. The great advantage is that it is simple to define exactly which users can see which video streams, view historical footage and export video, all from one dashboard
  • Person Detection
    Industry-leading analytics and machine learning capabilities onboard each smart camera. The data is processed within the camera without the need for uploading video data to the cloud for processing.



Meraki currently offers four indoor and two outdoor cameras within its product line-up. Meraki’s product line is so feature-rich it has products that align well with the requirements of pretty much all clients who are seeking to implement a new security camera system.  


Meraki MV12

Within the indoor range, the all-purpose MV12 series is the most compact option available.


Meraki MV32

The MV32 is the largest indoor camera within the line-up and offers a fisheye lens and 180-degree horizontal and vertical field of view. 


The outdoor camera within the Meraki range is the MV72 – perfect for demanding environments and weather conditions. The camera features powerful infra-red illumination which allows the camera to attain visibility for up to 30 metres (98ft), within dark environments. The unit also has a varifocal lens and an IK10 impact resistance rating.


Meraki MV72

The significant advantage for users of the system is that not only can devices and their feeds be monitored and managed via a dashboard, but this can be accessed via any suitable device, e.g.: computer, phone or tablet.


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