GGR Communications expertly design and deliver secure, high density, high speed wireless solutions within areas that are notoriously difficult to cover. Examples of these types of deployments are Stadia, Festivals or large Conference and Event spaces. In these environments radio frequencies and weather conditions can prove a barrier, which GGR can help you overcome.


Critical to these types of deployments are considerations for robust and seamless connectivity across each of the event incumbents. Your network may need to support PCI compliant EPoS systems, Closed Circuit TV systems, or connectivity for Betting Services from the cashier to the Cloud. GGR can help your organisation with all of these considerations and we are also one of the leading providers of Customer Facing/HD WiFi in the Europe. Our Customer WiFi solutions provide splash page/captive portal for data capture, Flexible Web Filtering and real time analytics and data. Providing your users with the Business Intelligence it needs to increase engagement with your clients and build more profitable relations.


GGR’s end-to-end solution is massively scalable and yet reassuringly reliable. Whether it be a temporary or permanent structure, we provide dedicated 24/7 technical support on the run up to and during any major event, ensuring complete visibility, reporting and real-time monitoring.