Enterprise WAN

Enterprise WAN

Intelligent, Secure and Fast Wide Area Networks

GGR Communications have access to all of the UK’s Tier 1 Network Carriers. We are able to offer our customers the greatest choice of costs, convenience and quality in Wide Area Network Circuits. Enterprise WANs architected by GGR are designed to provide the best reliability, QoS and scalability available. We provide network access from 10Mbps to 10Gbps nationwide, with a guarantee that no matter how remote the customer premises, we are able to leverage our supplier relationships to deliver network access solutions. Services include Leased Lines, Point2 Point/Layer-2 Circuits, Ethernet First Mile, ADSL, FTTC & 3/4G.

GGR provide both Internet circuits, VPN, VPLS and MPLS WANs. In the current climate, MPLS services have become the standard bearer for corporate WAN solutions. MPLS – Multiprotocol Label Switching allows GGR to deliver secure, fast and resilient connections to our customers’ sites. Through the power of MPLS WAN technology, GGR are able to offer highly bespoke, precision engineered Enterprise WAN solutions to fit all of our customers’ requirements. All of which are customisable in hours, not weeks, through the application of Software Defined Networking. And what is more, we offer MPLS services at no additional cost to our standard Internet only circuits.

Software Defined Networks

SDN means many things to many people. Here at GGR Communications, our SDN WAN solutions have Software Defined Networking principles baked into their core. SDN provides both GGR and our customers amazing cost and time savings. Gone are the days when a simple WAN change would take weeks. Through the power of SDN, we are able to customise circuit Bandwidth, QoS, routing protocols and IP information. If you’re a business who needs to be agile and would like to pay for what you use and not what your business peaks at, on just a single day a year, our SDN technology is for you.

Our SDN Enterprise WANs are built on the back of powerful Cisco Network devices. As SDN routers carry more of the workload in their software and less in expensive chipsets, we are able to pass on the hardware savings to our customers. SDN routers can also be licensed to provide increased bandwidths, offering extended life spans and improved return on investments, compared with older models.

Data Centre

GGR’s Core network has a choice of on-net Data Centres, optimised for connectivity, security and convenience.  Each of our chosen Data Centre partners are of a Tier 4 standard, or higher. Providing bandwidth, security, Co-Location, network2network interconnections and rack space from a single ‘U’ to a whole suite.  GGR’s Data Centre partners are strategically located across the UK, to provide simple and easy access to our customers’ key services and applications.

On-Net SIP Services

GGR Communications provide on net SIP access. Traditional SIP services are typically delivered over the public internet, and not private MPLS networks. GGR have built connections into our core, creating direct and low cost links between our customers and their SIP service. On-net SIP services provide superior control, prioritisation and service quality for our customers’ voice traffic. GGR SIP services, when combined with GGR’s managed WAN, offer the highest quality IP voice services, with substantial savings, compared to legacy PSTN line rentals and call charges.

Cloud Services

Cloud and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) have become essential elements of corporate IT strategies of late for providing a high quality Enterprise WAN. Through GGR’s Cloud solutions, customers are able to host applications, spin-up virtual devices or run their DevOps platforms, allowing companies to provide accessibility to data, whilst delivering incredible savings on hosting and hardware costs.

Cloud has an attractive pay as you use model with no Capital Outlay. GGR Communications run direct links from our Core to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platforms, allowing our Enterprise WAN customers to choose services and bandwidths tailored to their needs.

Further details about Cloud Services specifically can be found here at the Cloud Services page.