Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Effective, Effortless and Seamless Collaboration – Unified Communication is the answer

GGR Communications have a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise in the Unified Communications arena. We are specialists in Call Control, Collaboration applications, Video Conferencing, Contact Centres, WebEx and almost all Unified Communications services on the market today.

GGR’s communication platforms are built on the back of Cisco’s market leading Call Manager. We offer a wide range of deployment options from traditional on-premise, to a fully hosted unified communications solution using Cisco’s new BroadCloud global platform. 

Through the application of Cisco Collaboration technology, GGR can assist your business in elevating the quality and effectiveness of your communications, with intuitive ease and unrivalled return on investment, bringing your people together, with any content, on any device, anywhere they go.

Call Control (Telephony)

Access to a reliable Call Control platform is a fundamental requirement for most businesses. Through the application of Cisco Call Manager, GGR can enhance the way your users initiate and receive calls, providing unparalleled user experience and calling capabilities, ensuring that all users, no matter their location, can effectively communicate with your team and your clients.

GGR’s Call Control solutions provide:

  • Essential Dial Tone
  • Audio conferencing and/or codec transcoding
  • Music on Hold and IVR Systems
  • LDAP Integration
  • An array of the best UC handsets in the market
  • Click to dial, Single Number reach and Extension Mobility
  • Concurrent ring on multiple devices across multiple locations including mobile

Cisco Contact Centre (UCCX)

GGR Communications design and deliver Contact Centre Solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our Contact Centre products deliver intelligent contact routing, call treatment, network to desktop computer telephony integration and multi-channel contact management over an IP network. This allows our customers to effectively handle enquiries via voice, email, webchat and through social media applications, providing our customers with the information they require in a fast, effective and personalised manner.

Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber is a tool that delivers instant messaging, voice and video calls, voice messaging, desktop sharing, Conferencing, and Presence. Jabber supports both the enterprise desktop client and mobile clients, executing numerous functions. You can view end users’ presence status and choose the best medium to connect, in just a single click.

The Cisco Jabber solution can be integrated with Microsoft Office, Google Gmail, and IBM Notes email environments. This solution is also available for many leading mobile and desktop operating systems and platforms including: Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows. Additionally, Jabber can present voice, video, conferencing, voicemail and screen sharing functionalities into your web applications and portals.

Video Conferencing

Collaborating with others at a moment’s notice is a modern-day business necessity. GGR’s Video Conference solutions provide our customers with a variety of video experiences that run smoothly, are simple to use and provide instant access to valuable face to face contact. In the past decade, Video Conferencing has changed from a complex and luxury boardroom product, to a solution that is native on devices that many of us use every day.

Today’s VC solutions are uncomplicated, designed for minimal infrastructure, and can be leveraged on a room-based unit, IP Video capable handset, on your PC, Mac or smartphone. VC is a cost effective, simple yet powerful tool and here at GGR Communications, we can help your business effortlessly host meetings with employees and prospective clients, regardless of either their or your location.


GGR Communications deliver solutions that offer:

  • Whiteboard annotation functionality – through screen sharing, document annotations can be made on any device and be visible to all
  • SpeakerTrack – Independent cameras quickly locate an active speaker and the codec will transmit a close-up image of them, whilst other cameras are scanning the room in readiness for the next person to begin presenting
  • Optimal Framing – WebEx room kits assess the number and distribution of participants on a video call and frame the video output to optimally focus on those individuals
  • WebEx Share – Wire-free screen sharing across mobile, computer or tablet

All of which can be delivered on a wide range of intuitive and sleek devices that fit all types of business environments and budgets.


Cloud Unified Communications

GGR Communications also offer a selection of Cloud Unified Communications solutions. These products are delivered on an IaaS basis and hence do not require the purchase of any big-ticket hardware, which can be both expensive to house and maintain.

Our Cloud Unified Communications solutions are easily managed using simple dashboards and allow businesses instant visibility to all your calls across all your sites on a single pane of glass. Cloud Unified Communications are a licensed product run on IP handsets or soft clients on your computers and mobiles.

Using a Hosted model for your communications, businesses are now able to scale easily, internationally and cost effectively. Therefore, converting traditional Capex expenditure to a reliable and consistent Opex model, allowing your business to take advantage of the very latest Collaboration tools at a cost that CFOs will happily sign-off.