Due to the challenges of warehousing and manufacturing environments, such as high-voltage power systems, dust, humidity, high ceilings and a profusion of metalwork, radio frequency behaves very differently, and signal strength can be a problem. GGR Communications deliver and maintain wireless networks for all types of business and applications. We have a proven track record in providing connectivity in extremely challenging environments, not usually conducive to wireless transmissions.

Any automated warehouse requires high-performing, scalable and resilient wireless.   Reliable, high speed connectivity is critical for machine to machine communication, for picking, packing and scanning.  If you are looking for a solution with Edge to Edge capabilities, engaging with GGR Communications to design a secure, unified, easy-to-manage industrial wireless network will not only cut your costs but inevitably increase your organisation’s productivity and output.  As with all our networks, they can be fully managed, 24 hours a day, every day, from one single point, either remotely or onsite.