Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Solving Connectivity, Security and Integration of your Essential Cloud Services

As the ever-increasing adoption of Cloud services are shaping our IT practices, businesses need to consider how to best adapt their connectivity to meet the new demands of Cloud traffic. At GGR Communications, we specialise in providing a range of cloud services for connecting your business securely to cloud platforms. No matter how far you’ve gone down the Cloud adoption path, we can provide integration and connectivity solutions that are right for you and your business. Whether it be an entry level VPN for testing and integration, through to high bandwidth direct private connections delivered via our fully managed connectivity, a partnership with GGR Communications will make sure you have help at hand every step of the journey.

Microsoft Azure Gateway VPN  Connectivity

Azure VPN connectivity is a low cost yet scalable solution for rapid deployment of connectivity to the Azure cloud. This entry level option allows for scaling within Azure to match VPN provisioning to performance and high availability requirements, allowing businesses to implement connectivity from their existing network infrastructure with minimal changes.  

Cisco Cloud Services Router

Cloud Services Routers are Virtual, multi-tenanted, devices that exist in the Cloud. Through the application of a CSR VPN, businesses can extend their existing high-performance WAN directly into the Cloud Data Centre, by connecting to one of these Virtual machines. With this option the cloud data centre can appear as just another site on your existing WAN. High performance Cisco CSR routers run natively in both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), utilising industry leading IOS XE software to match your existing network infrastructure capabilities, configurations and deployments.  This provides full connectivity, security and routing functions to any cloud services platform. 

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute & Amazon Web Services DirectConnect

ExpressRoute and DirectConnect go further than either VPN connectivity options, in providing dedicated private circuits directly from your network into both Microsoft and Amazon cloud platforms. This mitigates all the unwanted variables that VPN access can bring. Ultimately this provides highly reliable and secure access to your Cloud resources, dedicated bandwidth and quality of service. This is a ‘must have’ for any private cloud connectivity for critical enterprise applications. GGR’s Wide Area Networks (WAN) offer connectivity via Expressroute and DirectConnect as standard, allowing our customers to leverage their existing WAN with dedicated cloud connectivity.