Our Average Support Call Answer Time is 9.8 Seconds, with 97% of Calls Picked-Up in 15 Seconds or Less by a Qualified Engineer

GGR Communications provide comprehensive and flexible network support options to a wide variety of organisations and industry sectors.  Our expert engineering team deliver network technology across our customers’ businesses, working closely with their IT departments, focussing on their individual business needs.

It is our aim to understand every element of each customer’s network and pre-empt issues before they materialise. If an issue does arise, our customers know that our network support services run from basic break-fix to a fully managed service.

Here at GGR Communications, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest, and most up-to-date, standards of network expertise both as a business and individual team members. We can therefore guarantee that all our Support calls will be answered directly by a qualified network engineer, based in the UK.

What’s more?  We won’t keep you waiting! In fact, our average call answer time is 9.8 seconds, with 97% of calls being picked-up in 15 seconds or less.

Building long-standing relationships is something we strongly believe in here at GGR Communications, this starts with providing great customer service including being there to ensure you get the support you require, when you need it, delivered exactly how you need it.


Our Support Service portfolio includes:

  • Bespoke SLA options up to 24x7x365
  • UK based in-house Support Team
  • Hardware break/fix
  • Rapid onsite response
  • Service management and reporting
  • Configuration management
  • Change management
  • Ad-hoc engineering assistance
  • Software update and patch management
  • System backup management
  • Proactive network monitoring and alerting services
  • Infrastructure audits and health-checks