Network & Data Security

Network & Data Security

Helping Your Business Effect a Truly Robust Security Posture

Network & Data Security is, singularly, the widest ranging and most important consideration for any Enterprise Network.  Modern-day security threats require us to do more than just defend the ‘Edge’. We are now required to implement multiple layers of security across our networks and end user devices. GGR Communications are proven experts in this field and hold Cisco’s Advanced Network Security Architecture Specialisation. This makes us ideally placed to help your business realise true peace of mind for the security of your Corporate and Customer data, be it at the network perimeter, at user’s end points or in the Cloud.

Next Generation Firewalls

To protect your business against the ever-increasing dangers of malicious attacks, it is necessary to deploy the assistance of the industry’s latest Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW). These devices go beyond access control and filtering. Through the application of Cisco’s NGFW range, GGR Communications can ensure that your network & data security systems are able to automate responses to network breaches using information provided by Cisco’s Talos Team.

Talos is the World’s largest independent security threat research team. They analyse millions of security threats every day, allowing them to create security protections against the next big attack. With the combination of Cisco’s Firewall appliances and the Talos research team, Cisco’s NGFW customers have been protected against high profile breaches, such as NotPetya, WannaCry and VPNFilter and Krack.

Allied with Cisco’s NGFW range, is their best-in-breed FireSIGHT Management Center. If you’re concerned that your network & data security system isn’t up to scratch and your firewall isn’t showing you the full picture? If so then the Cisco FireSIGHT could give you the deepest and broadest visibility across your network. FireSIGHT continuously monitors for suspicious activity to detect and stop threats fast. Cisco firewalls automate networking and security operations, prioritising alerts and correlating threat information, and can be integrated with the rest of your security tools, ensuring peace of mind and saving on resources.

Using Cisco’s NGFW solutions, across their ASA, FirePower and MX models, GGR Communications deliver Application Visibility and Control, NGIPS, Advanced Malware Protection, URL filtering and DDoS Mitigation. Boasting throughput speeds of up to 225Gbps and stateful packet inspection at 90Gbps, with a suite of inclusive, fully automated features, it is integral to most organisation’s data security policies.

DNS Level Security

Through DNS (Domain Name System) Level security, GGR Communications are able to provide simple solutions that can protect your organisation’s users accessing harmful data on the Internet. Through the application of Cisco Umbrella, GGR can provide a DNS alternative and Intelligent Proxy services, providing your business users total protection when accessing data that sits outside your security perimeter.

Umbrella DNS delivers an alternative DNS to your in-house server or ISP service. Replacing standard Domain Name Services, Umbrella provides inspection, reputation analysis and traffic filtering – a change that can be affected by simply changing the DNS details in your web browser.

With Umbrella your business can stop Phishing, Malware and Ransomware. It is possible to identify already infected devices faster and prevent Command and Control Callbacks from exfiltrating your data. By processing billions of requests each day Cisco Umbrella can identify patterns to automatically uncover attacker infrastructure and block requests, even before the first victim is hit. With 100% uptime since their launch and no added latency, Umbrella provides essential threat mitigation and complete visibility into all your Internet activity, across all your locations, devices and users, categorized by the type of cloud service, web content or security threat.

MultiForm Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication, or MFA, is an approach to protecting your user’s login credentials against ‘keystroke logging’ and ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks. MFA requires the presentation of two or more of four independent authentication factors.

MFA allows your users to authenticate themselves to your servers and applications, using a simple to operate, simple to deploy, option, providing a variety of convenient methods to verify their identity. These include the presentation of a code on a ‘token’, a push notification to a mobile application, or users can even request a phone call-back. Here at GGR Communications we provide a range of 2FA/MFA solutions to fit any budget, which include Cisco Duo, RSA SecureID and Dell Defender.

All passwords are vulnerable! All an attacker needs is the time and inclination to attempt to crack your user’s credentials. MFA is an essential element of the modern-day security policy and its value to organisations, such as your own, should not be under estimated.

Context-Aware Security

With the sheer volume of information being processed by even an average sized organisation, keeping pace with ever-developing security needs, is now one of the most important and challenging considerations for your IT infrastructure.

Via the deployment of Context Aware security measures, GGR Communications are able to assist your Security Team to gain better network visibility and intelligence, allowing them to continuously monitor, detect, analyse and respond to advanced threats, before, during and after attacks.

Leveraging a suite of the market’s leading Context-Aware security solutions, GGR Communications can enable your business to assess external requests for data, based on a user identity, location, time and application awareness. This information is collected by network sensors and parsed through advanced security algorithms and continuously updated threat feeds, to allow for the real time detection of security incidents and provide automated mitigation methods to prevent future breaches.

Context-Aware Security provides a robust, yet flexible, security model that allows each potential threat to be addressed individually and not a blanket response, which can be both disruptive and costly.

A Context-Aware security approach is the best way to allow your users to access the data they need, whilst quarantining questionable users and blocking attacks, therefore protecting both your data, your bottom line and your business’ reputation.