Enterprise LAN

Enterprise LAN

Reliable and Secure Enterprise LAN systems to Meet Your Business Needs

GGR Communications have 25 years of experience in providing enterprise-class LANs to many different industry verticals. We design and deploy scalable, reliable and versatile Enterprise  LAN systems. Our Enterprise LAN systems allow our customers to connect and share information no matter where they’re located. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction as well as customer retention levels and GGR is truly driven to offering the highest quality networks for our customers.

Our fully managed service takes care of all aspects of your LAN. We provide proactive monitoring, enabling us to raise a fault with you before your business is impacted.  In addition to that, our maintenance service options ensure your equipment is always performing optimally. Our change management process is quick and adaptable, providing our customers with the agility they need to stay competitive.

GGR employs best-in-class, enterprise switching, delivering business-critical traffic from edge to core. 

Access Layer/ Edge Switches

The Access Layer of the traditional hierarchical LAN model provides network access for end user devices. The Access Layer is the interface between the end user and the rest of the network. GGR offer up to 10Gbps access ports, utilising Cisco’s new multigigabit switching technology. These switches allow for very-high bandwidth uplinks, combining both high port speeds and link aggregation.

Access layer switching now supports Ultra PoE, providing 60W of power per port, ideal for the new raft of IoT end-points. GGR can also present layer 3 functionality at ‘the edge’, reducing communication delays between devices logically separated, leaving core devices with more computing resource for other key activities.

Distribution/Core Switches

The core and distribution layer devices are the power houses of your network. These appliances focus on Routing functions and providing connectivity to your vital business resources. GGR can deliver super powerful, super-fast switching to connect your servers and SANs to your user groups, providing 1/10/40/100 Gigabit ethernet ports reducing data bottlenecks, no matter how large your user-base.


GGR Communications offer a full range of routers and gateway devices, allowing for end-to-end management and flexibility for your LAN and WAN. We provide equipment and connections to support all mediums of WAN connectivity from traditional ADSL, to Fibre Ethernet (10Megabits to 10Gigabits) connections and even 4/5G. Whether it’s a temporary, remote office or a Service Provider’s Core, GGR have the technology and expertise to keep your business performing at its best.


GGR Communications supply and maintain wireless networks for all types of business and applications. We have proven experience in providing connectivity in extremely challenging environments, not usually conducive to wireless communications.  We produce high density, high performing WiFi environments, adopting the latest 802.11ac technology, delivering port speeds that can outperform traditional wired LANs and we are proud to say that our networks support some of the UK’s highest attended sporting events, dispensing customer-facing WiFi to thousands of users at any one time.

More details with reference to our expertly designed Wireless Networks can be found here at the Wireless Networking page.