Business Services

Network services for the modern business are driven by increased mobility, consumerisation and contemporary work dynamics. This is what defines the technology design needs, when building any modern network. Businesses need to remain agile, allowing for flexible hot-desking and BYOD. In addition to this a business needs to be able to securely connect & manage personal devices which are potentially insecure, as well as their applications. Employees and even visitors now expect secure network connectivity. Users must have the ability to access files and software anywhere in the office or remotely – not just at their desks. As a result, the demands placed on networks can change on a minute by minute basis. 

GGR Communications have 25 years’ of experience in helping organisations address these particular challenges. The team at GGR Communications are experienced in providing business services to organisations both large and small. At GGR Communications our business services are based around establishing a working partnership at every level with our customers. Business services provided by GGR Communications are designed to be agile and scalable in order to accommodate the ever changing requirements of modern businesses.

Given the sheer volume of information being processed by even averaged sized organisations, it has become imperative to keep pace with the ever-developing landscape of security requirements modern businesses encounter. As a result, it is now one of the most important and challenging considerations for your IT infrastructure. This becomes even more important when your wireless networks extend the reach of your corporate network beyond the physical constraints of your buildings. A single point of management reduces overheads, increases visibility and scalability.

The team at GGR Communications are experienced in providing business services which are both robust, scalable and secure. Holding Cisco’s Advanced Network Security Architecture Specialisation, GGR Communications are able to assist your Security Team to gain better network visibility and intelligence. This allows them to continuously monitor, detect, analyse and respond to advanced threats. The increased visibility your security team can gain from a partnership with GGR Communications applies before, during and after attacks. Ultimately, this makes us ideally placed to help your business realise true peace of mind for the security of your Corporate and Customer data, be it at the network perimeter, at user’s end points or even in the Cloud.