WiFi 6 is about to change the world we live in tremendously. You may think that WiFi 6 just means slinging a new Access Point onto your network. However, WiFi 6 is going to mean much more than that for an enterprise-level network.

What are you going to notice about WiFi 6?

The first thing to consider is speed. WiFi 6 is set to provide your end-users with much more network speed. This will be a great result for their user experience. However, if your end-users are doing an increased level of work using a faster wireless network you’re going to need to upgrade your wire backbone infrastructure in order to cope.

WiFi6 Infographic

WiFi 6 will provide great connectivity in dense environments. Your network users will be able to be more tightly packed together (think: meeting rooms, open plan working environments, conference rooms etc…) yet still get great network connectivity. That’s going to be great but you need to make sure that your wired network has a decent connection through to your AP in order to maintain a good experience for your end-users.

In addition to this remember that each network user is likely to have a surprising number of devices they will want to use with your wireless network other than their computer and their phone. As a result, you need to make sure that your network security is up to the task.

Can you avoid upgrading to WiFi6? Are network users really going to have a device that is WiFi 6 compatible? At the moment the answer is that they’re unlikely to have a device that makes use of WiFi 6. However, within the next few months, the firms manufacturing phones and computers are going to be releasing a whole new raft of devices on to the market which will take advantage of WiFi 6. The bottom line is that Wifi 6 is coming – we can’t avoid it. You just need to make sure you’ve upgraded your network infrastructure in order to cope.

Take a look at our latest infographic to find out more.

WiFi6 Infographic