MFG Solicitors are a 30 partner regional law firm with offices across the West Midlands.  The firm is one of the oldest established solicitors in the country, tracing its roots as far back as 1556.  MFG Solicitors provides a range of legal services for personal, business and rural matters.

Business & Technical Objectives

Even the oldest organisations need up-to-date systems to enable them to compete effectively, and MFG were due an installation of a new accounts package. The current WAN infrastructure was no longer fit for purpose and couldn’t handle this new system. The new network therefore needed to be able to handle classes of service to provide low latency, low jitter network access for video and voice traffic, as well as providing a class of service for Citrix and other remote technologies within the business. The network also had to be future-proof to match MFG’s strategic plans.


GGR Communications installed a completely managed MPLS network solution, providing secure site-to-site connectivity. As back-up, a DSL internet circuit was installed at each site, with central internet access provided via an MPLS internet breakout. After the initial network design, MFG Solicitors embarked upon an office relocation project. Due to the nature of the MPLS, GGR were able to adapt the design to facilitate mfg’s new requirements without a complete redesign and consequently there was minimum business impact.


MFG Solicitors now have a network that can cope with the high demands of their activity, facilitate the new accounts package, as well as Citrix, voice and video as required. The new network provided MFG with the guaranteed service class to be able to prioritise certain types of traffic over others as required. Further to this, they gained the ability to rapidly deploy new sites on DSL tails, saving them costs and loss of productivity whilst waiting for a new lease line to be installed. This gave them complete control and scalability of their bandwidth at short notice. Full site-to-site mesh within the cloud was a huge cost saving for mfg as they no longer had to connect each site together with a dedicated point to point circuit.


The Benefits

  • Increased visibility, scalability and reliability.
  • Flexibility for future growth across multiple sites.
  • Improved management and monitoring functionality.
  • Increased security for connectivity between sites
  • Increased data security – critical to this industry.
  • Reduced costs due to ease of management.
  • Guaranteed class of service across multiple sites.
  • Ability to prioritise some types of traffic over others.
  • Company-wide confidence that there would be no loss of service and disturbance, even when new sites were deployed.
  • Increased control to scale up autonomously when required without affecting service.


The Customer:

MFG Solicitors

The Challenge:

Current WAN infrastructure was restricting future business operations and ability to modernise.

The Solution:

Fully managed MPLS network solution.

The Results:

Increased bandwidth, scalable and flexible network, ability to prioritise traffic.