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Wireless Networking


Wireless networking is now seen as a prerequisite throughout our lives and this has transferred into the business environment allowing staff mobility, remote working, hot desking and guest access.

Wireless networking can present business challenges due to environmental and security concerns, but as a Cisco Premier Partner, we at GGR Communications work hand-in-hand with our customers, taking full ownership, with one point of contact, to provide the highest quality end-to-end solutions. Our wireless networks are proven, secure and scalable, and will fully integrate with your existing wired network.

GGR Communications will help you:

• Support mobile devices and wireless VoIP
• Save on the cost of cabling, especially in communal areas and when re-arranging office spaces
• Increase your flexibility for hot-desking
• Reduce any manufacturing costs with real-time tracking, dispatch and monitoring systems
• Increase your offerings with value-added services
• Share resources in meetings without the need for cables
• Provide complete ‘office in a box’ solutions for home offices

See how GGR Communications supports The Jockey Club in delivering critical infrastructure and technology at all 15 racecourses – the largest multi-site installation of free public Wi-Fi in Europe here.

If you would like further information as to how GGR Communications, as one of UK’s leading wireless network specialists, can help your organisation, contact us at info@ggr.net.