TVCS – IP-Based Voice Conference Switches

All TVCS products are “Subject to U.S. Export Laws”

The IP-based TVCS voice conference switches fulfill a vital role in Command, Control, and Communications (C3), Military Air Management Control and Mission Control. The TVCS provides secure and non-secure sea, air, and ground communications as well as the ability to communicate across nets, and with secure/non-secure radios and phones with carrier-class reliability where and when you need it. Tactical Voice Communications System voice conference switches are part of a complete solution consisting of advanced Tactical Communication Terminals (TCT), port concentrator units, IP Gateways, intuitive CIP user interface software and IntelView control and management software.

TVCS Voice Conference Switch Uses

  • Command and Control Communications
  • Tactical ATC
  • Training Ranges
  • Ship to ship, ship to shore communications

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    IntelView™ – Command and Control Software

    IntelView™, Cornet Technology’s management and control platform, is designed to easily manage and control a variety of Cornet Technology products. Platform independent it runs on any operating system. It doesn’t take a genius to use IntelView since its user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) masks the complexity of networking.

    MTX-R BTS -Black Tactical Switch

    Designed for shipboard communication applications, the MTX-R BTS (Black Tactical Switch) performs automated switching and control of clear and encrypted signals among modems, encryption devices, radio transmitters, and receivers.


    The MTX-MR Secure Voice Switch is a scaled down version of the MTX-R RCS conferencing switch ruggedized for military installations and applications. It provides the reliability and space efficiency that is critical to tactical operations.

    MTX-R RCS (Red Conference Switch)

    The Cornet Technology, Inc. MTX-R RCS is a non-blocking, high-speed digital conferencing switch ruggedized for military installations and applications. This conference switch connects up to 352 dual-sourced ISDN telephones (32 PRIs) to 256 devices.

    MTX-R Split Engine

    The Cornet Technology, Inc. MTX-R Split Engine combines the functionality of the Red Conference (RCS) and Red Digital (RDS) switch into a single compact package that is ideal for applications where space is limited. This combined switch fits into a standard ruggedized military chassis and will hold any combination of nine RCS style I/O cards and five RDS style I/O cards.


    The Cornet Technology port concentrator unit is more than just a cable management tool. This versatile unit operates as an interface between virtually any user equipment interface (DTE or DCE) and a Cornet Technology switch engine or another PCU unit. This flexible PCU is deployable within traditional data centers or throughout a campus environment. With the PCU2, connectivity can be provided over copper or fiber.


    A mid-range secure and non-secure communications conference switch, the TVCS-MR is capable of handling 40 operators and up to 80 devices.


    Largest of today’s TVCS switches, the fully loaded TVCS-L secure and non-secure communications conferencing switch handles 128 operators and interfaces with up to 256 devices.


    The TVCS OMNI is a black voice conferencing switch that delivers a hybrid (IP and TDM) architecture based on an industry-standard IP networking framework. Its compact, all-in-one, chassis supports up to 128 IP/VoIP devices, up to 48 POTS FXS/trunk FXO/E&M connections, and up to 4 T1/E1 PRI interfaces, in any combination.