Anglian Home Improvements was established over 40 years ago and specialises in providing a range of improvement products for the home. We provide everything from windows with variable glazing options to the standard UPVC modern door. Anglian windows are tailored to a customer’s bespoke requirements. All products are professionally installed by a trained workforce.

Business & Technical Objectives

Established in 1966, Anglian Home Improvements are the UK’s leading supplier of home improvement solutions and have built up an enviable reputation country-wide. With a head office campus in Norwich and over 20 offices and depots situated throughout the UK, conducting face-to-face meetings was an expensive logistical challenge. Anglian therefore needed a way to decrease the time and money wasted on travel, whilst improving communication and collaboration between their widely dispersed offices.


After GGR Communications demonstrated the LifeSize video conferencing solutions, Anglian Home Improvements deployed systems to 26 sites around the UK. The LifeSize Team 220 supports dual display video and content in HD for natural, realistic interactions while allowing for 4-way multiparty conferencing without the expense of dedicated MCU infrastructure. LifeSize Express 220 is a single, easy-to-use system providing unique flexibility for workgroups, which allowed Anglian to communicate effectively and make decisions quickly and confidently. These benefits, together with installation and configuration being fully managed by GGR, were the key factors influencing Anglian’s choice.


Anglian Home Improvements now use LifeSize video communications every day, connecting remote sales teams and other departments without any associated cost and loss of time due to travel. The response to the technology was so positive that Anglian accelerated their buying cycle, enabling them to get their products and service to their customers quicker, giving Anglian a competitive advantage.

The Benefits

  • Superior quality and ease-of-use, ensuring confidence and speed for decision making.
  • Unparalleled price performance, maximising Anglian’s return on their investment.
  • User-friendly systems led to instantaneous adoption by all departments.
  • Travel costs and time were eliminated.


“Video Conferencing allows us to perform as a single entity, before, it was a jigsaw. The technology has brought cohesiveness to the way we all work together.”
Andy Browne, IT Support Manager



The Customer:

Anglian Home Improvements

The Challenge:

Maintaining face-to-face meetings between multiple people in vastly dispersed offices.

The Solution:

LifeSize video conferencing

The Results:

Superior video quality for face-to- face meetings on a daily basis by all departments, eliminating travel time and associated costs.