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Is it time for you to consider a more robust tool for enabling your teams to work together both in the office and remotely?

Cisco Jabber and Cisco Webex may be just the tools you’re looking for:


Cisco Jabber


Jabber is a team messaging tool that allows your teams to meet online either as groups or individually. The tool is platform-independent and allows for Real-time Messaging, Screen sharing, Video Conferencing and Two-way Audio & Video.

90 day, free trial!

Cisco Webex


Cisco Webex is more of a virtual conferencing platform that is designed for online presentations, webinars and group chats. In addition, to allowing chat functionality, the tool allows users to make presentations to the whole chat group with screen sharing functionality. Users are also able to virtually ‘raise a hand’ in order to gain the attention of the presenter and establish a dialogue with them.


90 day, free trial!


Both tools allow for integrations with a wide range of office tools. However,  Jabber integrates with tools such as Outlook, Sharepoint and SAP. On the other hand, Webex integrates with tools designed for a large audience such as Pardot, Zendesk and Docebo (to name just a few).


List of features

Here’s a list of the features of each product:


Jabber Webex
Video Calling Web, Video & Audio Conferencing
Voice Calling Webinars
Instant Messaging Chat & Brainstorming tooks
Presence (availability – Green/Red light) File Sharing
Desktop Sharing Multimedia Content Sharing
Group Chat
Call Manager
Outlook Integration


Free Trial

Due to the COVID situation, trials of the Webex platform include unlimited usage (no time restrictions) and up to 100 participants. The system also offers toll dial-in (in addition to existing VoIP capabilities).

If you want to get access to a free 90-day trial of either of these platforms please get in touch and our team can help you to get started:

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